The Tranquility Advantage


When you decide to buy a new home you should weigh the differences between all of the home builders just as you would the manufacturers of new cars, fine precision watches, computers and high end electronic equipment.

At Tranquility, we are not just selling you just a roof over your head, but we are also selling you peace of mind. The term “Live In Tranquility” is not just a slogan for us, but a way of life because we have been building stress free homes right from the start.

The following advantages are but a few of the many you will have when we build your dream home. We will make your home become a reality and the process will be an enjoyable experience as well... before and after you move in!

  • We (Tony & Ed) have built over one thousand (1000) homes and all of our customers are 100% satisfied. Read More...
  • We are 4th generation builders (Continuing a commitment to quality that began well over 100 years ago). Read More...
  • We have 36 & 41 years (respectively) on the job experience. Read More...
  • We have been building new homes since 1978. We have over 60 combined years of corporate home building experience between us. Read More...
  • We are two licensed builders working as one unit and each of us holds a Certified “Building Contractor” license from the State of Florida. Read More...
  • Each of us have been qualified State of NJ Building Inspectors. Read More...
  • Each of us have been Licensed NJ Real Estate agents. Read More...
  • We have no supervisors - We personally supervise and inspect every building operation ourselves and we are both on the job 7 days a week. Read More...
  • We are cross-trained in all fields of construction and have personally performed subcontracting work ourselves. Read More...
  • You get our personal cell phone number and it is always turned on, 24 / 7. Read More...
  • We do our own plan design concepts so we can custom design a home or modify any of our existing home plans. Read More...
  • We believe in a strong “Buyer / Builder” relationship. Read More...
  • We work with our customers directly and they get our personal attention. Read More...
  • We only use the best subcontractors available to perform all the work. Read More...
  • We have very high standards of quality and no matter what size or price home we build, every home receives the same attention to detail. Read More...
  • We won’t move you into the finished home unless we would move into it ourselves. Read More...
  • We enjoy building homes and have done so our entire lives. Read More...
  • Our photographs are a part of our Logo (We stand behind our name). Read More...
  • Our conscience is clear, and we can sleep at night. Read More...
  • Your home building experience will be stress free and enjoyable. Read More...


"Live in Tranquility"


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We have built over One Thousand (1,000) homes and all of our customers are 100% satisfied:

We have been very lucky over the years not only to be involved in an occupation that we enjoy so much, but we get tremendous pleasure building those homes for others. When we started building our very first home we never dreamed that in a very short time we were going to be building one home after another then quite a few homes simultaneously. As our reputation grew, customers were spreading the word for us and before we knew it, the number of homes being completed astonished even us.

But after all that we have accomplished, the biggest compliment we received from our customers is that once they move into their new home they never called to complain. That is a testament to the fact that they never encountered any problems with their home and that we delivered those homes to our customers complete and deficiency free.







We are 4th generation builders:

That’s right... we are the 4th generation in the construction industry and we continue a commitment to quality that began well over 100 years ago. Even though we started our own company and worked it from the ground up just like our father, grandfather and great grandfather did, we bring with us the countless years of experience that has been handed down from generation to generation.

We have accumulated a vast store house of knowledge that has been passed down from father to son. Then we combined that with the latest techniques in construction and building materials to build our homes way ahead of the curve and keep it that way well into the 21st century.

Father and son experiences are great but to be able to follow in your father’s footsteps is just remarkable.





We have 36 & 41 years (respectively) on the job experience:

We started building new homes on our own in 1978, and did subcontracting work for other builders many years before that. We also have had on the job experience dating way back to our youth.

Long before the days of federal regulations and laws that now prevent young adults from working and gaining experience with “on the job training” we were there... literally on the job. It was a different time back then and learning through experience was the only way to master the craft.

While we were young and on the job with our Dad, we would hammer nails during the framing stage. He drew pre-set lines along the sub-flooring just so we could get the feel of where the floor beams were underneath the plywood, and after a while, we didn't need the lines anymore. Sometimes we would help to spread the cement on the blocks during the foundation stage or just trying to master the art of the push broom.

We learned the basics on the job a long, long time ago and we’re still having fun.





We have been building new homes since 1978:

Since 1978 we have been new home builders and we have many years of experience & knowledge behind us... (You do the math... it just makes us feel old). Let’s just say that we have been in the business for a long time and between the two of us (Tony & Ed) we have even more total combined years of corporate home building experience than we care to think about. We are not about to stop now.

We have always enjoyed designing and building new homes all of our adult life and the vast experience, knowledge and understanding we have gained through the years has translated into a higher quality home being built for you.





We are 2 licensed builders working as one unit:

Each of us (Tony & Ed) holds a Florida State “Certified Builders” License. Not just a standard residential building license, but both of us qualified for, tested and received the next higher level of licensing called a “Certified Building Contractors” license.

You get the benefit of two combined educations, experiences and certifications. From the start of the design process all the way through the construction and continuing to the final walk-thru, you have the advantage of 2 licensed builders who work for you and are looking out for your interest.

Every time we pay daily multiple visits to the job, there are two builders eyes to examine the work and to look after your investment. We are two builders working together for your benefit, your peace of mind and to increase the quality of your home.

Functioning as a team is the way we have done things all of our lives and it is the only way we work. The two of us operating a one unit contributes to a smoother running and more effective working job site for us all.





Each of us have been qualified State of NJ Building Inspectors:

Each of us (Tony & Ed) qualified for and passed the state of New Jersey Building Inspection Program. This program regulates and qualifies individuals to become Building Inspectors throughout the State of New Jersey based on their experience, education and testing.

We believe you can never have enough education. Building rules, regulations and requirements are always changing to improve the safety and the quality of the homes you live in. To keep up with the countless changes and to facilitate and understand them from a different perspective, we added knowledge of building inspections from an inspectors point of view.

Even though we never intended to become building inspectors, this additional knowledge has helped to assist us during the construction process and to enhance the quality of our homes.





Each of us have been Licensed NJ Real Estate agents:

We are not afraid of additional education even if we don’t use it on a day-to-day basis.

Working with other professionals like members of the real estate industry is one thing, but having an in-depth understanding of their industry allows us to better help you throughout the building process.

Years ago while building new homes, we both became licensed real estate agents. Our continued education in real estate has given us an even greater working knowledge within the building industry and has allowed us to interact with the real estate professionals on a more informed and personal level. This additional education enables us to better communicate and work with your real estate.





We have no supervisors - we personally supervise and inspect ourselves:

So how can this be an advantage? In order to insure that the highest construction quality standards are achieved, both of us (Tony & Ed) personally supervise and inspect every building operation ourselves. We are on the job each and every day (including weekends). We are continually checking to make sure that all of the operations are running smoothly, on time and that all of the design elements and options you selected are being installed correctly and according to your wishes.

With our knowledge of the industry, our many years of on the job experience and the fact that we are the ones that have a builder’s license, we check, inspect and communicate with the workers on your job. It is our responsibility and at Tranquility we take that very seriously.





We are cross-trained in all fields of construction:

The reason this is such a tremendous advantage is simple. Because we have personally performed subcontracting work ourselves, it allows us to check every operation of the home in a more complete and detailed manner. We make sure the workmanship is done correctly and that the quality is up to our standards.

While we (Tony & Ed) were working as subcontractors, before we started building homes ourselves, we honed our skills in all aspects of home construction. With our own crews we did lot layouts, masonry, framing, siding, insulation, sheetrock, painting, trimming, roofing, landscaping, and many other job operations. We gained a tremendous amount of experience and any job that was needed to be done, we were able to do. We became crossed trained in all operations in new home construction and that made us a valuable asset within the building community then and now.

We have also done repairs, remodeling and additions on a vast number of residential and commercial projects. Plus we have also done many custom-type jobs and specialty work. Ornamental trim work, fireplaces, decks, brick fronts and even stone work are some of our specialties. We have performed and worked in all the fields of construction and we have trained countless workers so they could improve their skills to become successful self employed subcontractors.





You get our personal cell phone number:

One of the biggest advantages you have with Tranquility is communication. You are able to call the builders directly and are able to get answers to your questions in “real time” not days later. Something that is next to impossible and unheard of throughout the industry.

But at Tranquility we do things a little differently. You get our personal cell phone number so you will be able to keep in contact with us whenever a question arises. We say it’s our personal number for a very good reason. It is the only number we use no matter if it’s business, personal or even family. You also have the ability to contact us through a 24/7 dedicated Fax number and via e-mail.





We do our own plan design concepts and we can custom design a home or modify any of our existing home plans:

The spark was lit when we were very young, long before we ever decided to go into the home construction industry. The thought of drafting our own home designs started for us while we watched our Dad drawing plans on the kitchen table for his own customers. Those opportunities gave us the basics in home design and architectural concepts and our interest grew from those moments.

We feel it is not only important to produce a well built quality product, but to take into consideration the customer’s wishes while designing. Without the needs of the buyer being understood and included, the house will never transform into a home.

We (Tony & Ed) first talk with a customer to find out what their family’s basic requirements are, what they would like to have incorporated into their dream home and to understand the budget they have set for themselves. Only then can we put together a home package and design that is best suited to their needs.

While incorporating all of your options and making the necessary modifications you desire, we also design and plan into all of our homes other items of importance. We also take into consideration room sizes, closet space, flow patterns, furniture layouts and the one area of design that is most overlooked... the exterior appearance of the home... the “Curb Appeal”.

As a result of our many years of design and building experience which date back to the basic knowledge we gained from our father, our homes are transformed into much more than just a place to live. A Tranquility home is functional and well designed because we listen to you, the customer, and include into the design your needs.

The exterior of our homes also has a lot of creative thought behind it. We bring to it a curb appeal that is usually seen on much larger and more expensive homes. With some thoughtful effort on our part (that would be Tony having the artistic talent and background), we can bring beauty to the outside of your home.

We design and build what you need because we take our time with you to understand what you want. We are able to enhance the overall function and beauty of our homes by the examination of them from many different perspectives including our customers. With our overall building and design experience we not only make your house a home, but deliver it in within your family’s budget.





We believe in a strong “Buyer / Builder” relationship:

We’re not just saying that. One of the reasons we have been so successful over the years is simple, it’s been a direct result of our customer satisfaction and their referrals to many others within the community or even their own family.

Because of the relationship and friendship we develop with the buyer during the construction of their home, our customers feel a greater connection and pride their for their home throughout the building process. We want our customers to know that it’s not just any other “building company” working on their home, but at Tranquility, its two individuals (Tony & Ed) who care about the wishes of the buyer and the quality of the home they deliver.

This is one of the reasons we have been able to build over 1,000 homes for customers who we now call our friends.





We work with our customers directly and they get our personal attention:

We give our customers our personal cell phone number to make ourselves available. We want to work directly with them and what a better way to prove that than to have the “builder” answer the phone every time they call.

It wouldn’t be very personal if someone on our staff answered the phone and then you had to wait for a call back from the builder or someone else with an answer to your question hours or days later, especially if your issue needed to be addressed immediately. We believe it is in the buyer’s best interest and ours as well to work directly and closely with each other.

The customers will also realize how directly we do get involved working with them once they have selected a property to build on and have chosen their lending agency. We will make the buyers life much easier and less stressful from that moment on. That customer will work directly with us and we will handle all of the buyer/builder concerns without having to go through the realtor. We will also create a special builder package for the lending agency and the appraiser.

The realtor will also be pleased because at Tranquility, we will relieve them from the coordinating of builder/buyer communications and paperwork since we will deal directly with you, the buyer. We never felt it was right to have the buyer call the realtor every time they needed to ask us a question and with the kind of personal attention we provide, no one will ever have to.





We only use the best subcontractors available to perform all the work:

Right from the beginning our goal was to produce the highest quality homes that could possibly be built. We always felt that a better produced home would not only be an advantage in our favor but it would also mean that our buyers would be much happier after they moved into their new home.

Before anyone is allowed to work on a Tranquility home, we (Tony & Ed) visit their other job locations to inspect the work they performed and to evaluate whether it meets our standards. Once we are satisfied with their workmanship, we discuss with them in great detail the level of quality we expect from them on a consistent basis. We make sure they understand how important it is to us and to our customers to maintain that level of proficiency. They are hired not on a lower price, but on the quality of their work.

The skilled men, women and their subcontracting companies that we have selected to perform the work on our homes are all seasoned professionals and have a reputation and history of excellent workmanship. They are friendly, reliable and trustworthy. All of them are certified, licensed and insured.

These highly trained experts are the very best at what they do and have many years of experience within their subcontracting field and their specialty. That is how we are able to consistently build homes of such high standards.





We have very high standards of quality:

No matter what size or price home we build, every one receives the same attention to detail and level of quality that that you would expect from a family that has been building homes for the past 4 generations.

We have always said that we build homes as if we were going to move into each one of them ourselves. At Tranquility, our high standard of quality is reflective in every home we build no matter what the size, choice of options or the customer’s budget. We feel that our smaller home designs deserve the same care, quality and attention to detail that is expected in our larger ones. That’s the only way we do business.

Some may think it all starts with the superior construction products and materials we use. Others might assume it’s because of the skilled group of subcontractors that we have on our team. But it all comes down to something more. That’s our own personal standard and level of quality that we pride ourselves on right from day one.

We (Tony & Ed) were trained to recognize a higher level of product quality, workmanship and good construction techniques and habits. We strive for that higher level of excellence because we care about the perfection of our final product and we want to make sure that our customers have many years of “repair free” living ahead of them.

Whether it is a subcontractor or building product, all have to meet our strict standards of quality with no exceptions. We have an excellent reputation built upon superior quality and workmanship and that is clearly visible in all of our homes.





We won’t move you into the finished home unless we would move into it ourselves:

We cannot make a truer statement. As builders, partners and brothers, we enjoy the home building process and take great pride in the work we do. We will not allow you to move into your new home unless it meets the same standards that we would want in our own home.

You will appreciate that fact more than ever as you complete the final walk-thru of your new home. It is then you realize your home is 100% complete with no items left undone or in need of repair. One reason for this is because we personally check and supervise all of the building operations from start to finish. We make sure all items have been addressed before the completion of your home.

All of our customers are 100% satisfied homebuyers. The greatest compliment we receive from our buyers is that we never hear from them once they move into their new home. That’s a tribute to our final product that they never encountered any problems with their home and that we delivered those homes to our customers complete and deficiency free.





We enjoy building homes and have done so our entire lives:

Our father said to us a long time ago “You should choose an occupation that’s like a hobby, then you will never get bored while you are working”... and that’s just what we did.

We had the choice of many possible career opportunities but we ultimately decided to go into the business of building new homes for a living. In fact our parents encouraged us to pursue a higher education so we could have those various options to choose from as young adults and work in a profession that we would enjoy. After looking at all the options, we both decided in 1976 to go into the building business and start a construction company just like our father, grandfather and great grandfather all did before us.

Construction has always been in our blood. It may have stemmed from the many weekends we spent in our youth working on the job with our dad. Or the fact that it is hands on, out in the open and creative type of career without the confines of 4 walls to surround us every day. We have made our livelihood working in an environment that we love and we wouldn’t think of trading it for any other career.

We take pleasure at Tranquility in designing and creating homes that others will enjoy for many decades to come. The sheer joy it brings us is unmatched by any other vocation we might have chosen. We are a few of the lucky people that get to go to work each day and enjoy what we do.





We are honest and fair:

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated and that is exactly what we do in our business.

No matter if we are dealing with one of our subcontractors, suppliers or a customer, we treat everyone with the utmost respect. We have always been sincere, honest and fair with all of our business practices and that is one reason why we are so appreciated by the people we work with and our customers.

Keeping everyone happy and working together as a team is one of the goals we have at Tranquility. We work side by side with the same people year after year because we know the importance of preserving good working relationships. Our values, ethics and morals have been instrumental in keeping our business growing since 1976 and allowed us to become friends with everyone we do business with.





Our personal photos are a part of our Logo (We stand behind our name):

No it’s not a joke. We (Tony & Ed) are not afraid to include our personal photos on our business cards, advertising, brochures, or our web site. We don’t have to keep ourselves hidden from view and we’re never fearful to be spotted in public by any of our customers. We always walk around with our head held up high knowing that each and every one of our customers received the home of their dreams and became our friends in the process.

Having the public know who we are is important to us because that is what our customers get when they make the choice to have Tranquility build their home. They are receiving above all else the ability to work directly with us and to get to know the two of us throughout the building process. It is the type of a working relationship that has been treasured by our customers since 1976 and we are not about to change a winning recipe for success.





Our conscience is clear, and we can sleep at night:

The reason we have no worries is because our formula is a simple one. We believe it’s not “You get what you pay for”, but rather, “You get what you deserve”. Our father always told us, “There is only one way to do a job and that is the right way” and we have been living and working by that motto our entire life.

We have a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and that is why we give our personal attention to every buyer. We make sure that your needs are always incorporated and that your home is built to the highest levels of quality you will find anywhere.

Our construction contract is printed using a large text print format and they are all written in plain easy to read English. No small hard to read letters and confusing word paragraphs that you would never read or be able to understand. We have no fine print, no hidden restrictions and most of all no surprises that will turn up later and alter any of our previously discussed details.

Knowing that we never take advantage of our customers and provide the highest quality workmanship in our homes gives us the satisfaction of a job-well-done.

At Tranquility, we are 2 builders that really care about you and the kind of homes we build.





Your home building experience will be stress free and enjoyable:

This may sound like an advertising come on or even a joke if you have had experience building a home. Maybe you heard some horror stories from other family members or friends about the building process they had to endure.

Well that has never been the case working with us because of one very simple fact... We also have to be a part of the building process and we want it to be stress free and enjoyable for us too. We are very lucky to be in a profession that we love so much and we wouldn’t want to be building homes anymore if we didn’t enjoy it. It’s that straightforward.

Building a new home should be as exciting for you as buying a new car, picking out that new dress you’ve been looking at or maybe that new power tool you always dreamed about having in your garage. This is an exciting time for you and your family. We (Tony & Ed) also want it to be a stress free one.

We take the effort out of the building process and while your home is rising out of the ground we want you to feel the excitement and the joy of this experience. This is achieved not only due to our knowledge and our commitment to quality but by our direct dealing with you. You will be at ease because we make ourselves available to you continually to answer any questions, to guide you and help in any way we can. This is how we have been doing business since 1976.

Building a new home is an important and sometimes nerve-racking decision. But at Tranquility, we strive to make your time spent with us stress free, enjoyable and rewarding.

Why do you think we are called Tranquility?