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The Angiuoli Brothers,

(Tony on the left and Ed, on the right) are fourth generation builders that have owned and operated their own building construction companies in New Jersey and Florida since 1976. In that time they have constructed over 1,000 homes for many families and individuals that now call them friends.


The Beginning:

Tony & Ed Angiuoli started life in Northern New Jersey and as young boys they lived there until business opportunities for their father warranted them to move (Their father was a Builder of new homes).

With Mon & Dad, they slowly migrated to the Jersey Coast and then onward to the sprawling central New Jersey countryside (it’s called “ South Jersey” up north) where they resided until the end of 2000.

Since then, Tony & Ed once again and made a move south and now both of them have been permanent residents of sunny Florida since December 2000.


These two brothers are as close as twins could ever be, although Ed (pictured right and now without a mustache) is four years older… as Tony will tell you without hesitation. They think alike and have the same goals, they're always working and have always performed as a team. They have been perfect business partners but most of all, these two brothers are best friends.

The Early Days:

While attending college, they both remembered what their father & grandfather said to them years before. "Find a job that's like a hobby and you'll never be bored with your occupation." They said, "Work won't seem so much like work if you are having fun while doing it."


As their college years came to a close, the lure of the building construction industry was beginning to call them. Even though Ed majored in Law & Speech Commutations and Tony in Pre-Med & Math, they did what their father, grandfather and great grandfather all did before them, they went into business and started a construction company!

Building Construction was in their blood!


Their First Love:

They both were in love with new home construction since they were very young. It may have started from the many times they worked with their father on the job as they were growing up. Or it could have been from listening to the countless construction stories that were told each evening at the dinner table and every time their entire family got together on weekends and holidays. Nevertheless, in 1976, when the timing was right, together they formed a company and started doing sub-contracting work for the many builders in the area.


While working as sub-contractors for other builders in their area they both honed their skills in all aspects of home construction. With their own crews, they were doing lot layouts, masonry, framing, siding, insulation, sheetrock, trimming, roofing, landscaping, and many job operations. With the exception of electrical, plumbing, heat & air conditioning work that needed a separate license, any job that needed to be done, they could do, and they did. They became crossed trained in every operation in new home construction and that made them a valuable asset within the building trade.


They worked from sun up to sun down and most of the time 7 days a week and consequently they were able to do a lot of work for many different builders. They have also done repairs, remodeling, additions and even many custom type jobs such as specialty trim work, fireplaces, brick fronts and even stone work to name a few.

Tony & Ed have performed and worked in all the fields of construction themselves and have even trained countless workers to improve their skills and go off on their own to become successful self employed sub-contractors.


Let’s Build:

After doing all aspects of sub-contracting work for other builders and themselves, in 1979 they decided to direct their complete attention towards just building new single family homes in South Jersey. They knew they had a broad enough experience in the building field after working all the different trades needed for new home construction along with the many years of on the job training with their father during their youth. At that time, both Tony & Ed were builder qualified and they received not just a Residential Building License, but a Commercial Building Construction License from the state of New Jersey that would allow them to build single-family homes and commercial buildings up to 3 (three) floors in height.


During this time, Tony & Ed continued to perform most of the jobs necessary to build each home, but as their new home sales started to pick up, they had to start subcontracting out some of the work.

More and more of their time needed to be spent with the real estate professionals & their customers, loan officers & lawyer’s and of course, all of the construction paperwork. This is where all of their college preparation started to pay off. Organization was the key and they were prepared.


As they were getting busier, they still personally performed some of the major operations on each and every home. They still did every foundation and slab, a lot of the framing and all of the final grading & landscaping was completed with their own hands.

They performed all that work while their company was building 35 homes simultaneously at any one time during their busier years. One year they completed from start to finish, 85 homes and that’s not bad for two guy’s that did a lot of the work themselves, all the supervision and ran all of the paperwork at the same time. Of course... they were a lot younger then!


During the early years, while building new homes they even found time to both become licensed real estate agents. Plus they each qualified for and passed the New Jersey Building Inspection Program. (This program qualifies individuals to become Building Inspectors throughout the State of New Jersey)

Their continued education in real estate and building inspections gave them an even greater understanding within the building industry and allowed them to interact with the professionals on a much more knowledgeable and personal level.


Although new residential home construction is their true passion, the brothers have also designed and developed numerous apartment complexes totaling well over 200 dwelling units. They also worked on many commercial projects and they have also built, owned and operated a commercial shopping plaza along with many rental homes.

Making The Move South:

As the cold weather season seemed to come and go a little faster as the years flew by, they decided, that it would be nice to start building homes in a climate that would stay virtually the same all year round. Building construction was still is in their blood and this would also give them an opportunity to be with their father on a more regular basis (Their Dad has been a resident of Palm Coast Florida since 1991).


So as the trips south to Palm Coast to see their Dad became more regular, Tony & Ed both earned and received their own separate State of Florida Certified "Building Contractor” license.

This is not a basic Residential license but a higher level license that allows Tony & Ed to build Residential homes and Commercial Buildings up to 3 (three) floors in height. Tony & Ed each hold their own Building Contractor license.


Once both of their Florida building licenses became effective they decided in 1997 to start a corporation called Tranquility Builders of Florida, Inc. They relocated themselves to the Palm Coast area in 2000 to start designing and building homes with the same attention to detail and quality that their family has been doing for the past 4 generations. Since that time, they have devoted all of their time to the new home construction market in the Sunshine State and are now building magnificent high quality homes of all sizes, price ranges and luxury levels right here in Palm Coast.

Here To Stay:

From the time they decided to make the move south and even continuing to this day, they have done exhaustive research in the Palm Coast Flagler County area to make sure they know what the Palm Coast buyer’s wants and needs are. This time of research has also allowed them to meet and choose the most competent, knowledgeable and experienced subcontractors to work with them as part of their team. There can be no substitute for quality when building a Tranquility home and there are always two sets of builder’s eyes examining the work when Tony & Ed are on the job.


Tony & Ed always say that they build homes as if they were going to move into each one themselves. Their high standard of quality is reflective in every home no matter what the size, choice of options or how much the customer is spending.

They feel that even their smaller home designs deserve the same care, quality and attention to detail that is expected in their larger homes. And that’s the only way they do business.

While designing and building new homes in Florida, the brothers have an occupation that’s like having a hobby, plus add to that a loving and supportive family and what more can two guys ask for!

Tony & Ed are a pair of fun loving brothers, business partners but most of all, best friends! So why are the guys from Tranquility always happy? Because they’re doing what they like to do best… Building Homes.


Their goal is to have everyone...

" Live in Tranquility"


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